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a community sponsored event benefitting terrain



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We imagined magic, 

and it happened.


In the middle of an alfalfa field last fall.

Pine trees as our backdrop,

we came together to share a meal.


At a single table strewn together,

we cheered old friends.

We made new friends.

We celebrated everything we are.

Everything we strive to be.

That magic is happening again. 

We'd love for you to join us. 


Thursday, September 10th, 5pm-10pm*

At the farm of Celeste Shaw-Coulston and Dan Coulston

(address emailed later)


Cocktails, live music, full course dinner*, art.

*While we are hopeful that by September we will be in the phase needed to pull off this event, we will continue to update plans based on state-issued protocols and orders.

*This meal is custom made and fully prepared in a field. As a result, we can't make diet accommodations. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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a special thank you to our community members in their support for this event. 

this list will grow, as we plan 2020's event. 

celeste shaw-coulston and dan coulston

chad white



maker & made

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